Asia Pacific Investor Intentions Survey 2014

Executive Summary
  • The CBRE Asia Pacific Investor Intentions Survey 2014 was carried out online between January-February 2014 and received a total of 122 responses from a wide range of real estate investors in Asia Pacific. Respondents' p​lace of domicile was fairly evenly distributed between Asia (44%), the Pacific (26%) and outside Asia Pacific ​(30%, referred to "international" in this report).
  • Respondents expressed a wide range of views on the most attractive region to invest in but displayed a strong preference for investing in their own region. Asia held the strongest appeal among all regions, with Developed Asia and Emerging Asia topping the list.
  • Investors also displayed a strong interested in investing in Western Europe and North America as the economic recovery in the West takes hold.
  • Within Asia Pacific, China is the preferred destination for cross-border investors (excluding respondents selecting their own market of domicile), followed by Australia and Japan. About 32% of respondents identified their home countries as the most attractice. These investors are regarded as "domestic" investors for the purpose of analysis. 
  •  Respondents displayed a strong preference towards investing in gateway cities such as Tokyo, Shanghai and Sydney.
  • The office sector was identified as the most popular sector for investment followed by industrial and logistics, and then residential. Interest in industrial and logistics assets is being supported by strong upgrading demand and the limited availability of modern logistics stock.

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